90's music... what a trip!

I like special songs to give me transcendental irie vibes when I’m at home cleaning, working, social distancing. The true reason I listen to 90s songs is that they remind me of my youth. The days of my life! For a song to be my jam must be constructed well. All these songs that I am discussing are classics. Some are downtempo and some are more for the lounge crowd.


Moby has an intelligent record called “Play” with a mixture of downtempo and uptempo tracks. Keep in mind it was released in the 90s and is one of his earlier works. By far it is the most interesting one. Moby literally has volumes of work as seen in recent years. It definitely is a mood though. His beats seem simple but the all-around sound takes it to a different level. Get you in that ethereal state. Play is the bomb dot com and my favourite songs are Porcelain and Natural Blues. 

Massive Attack

These Bristol UK trip-hop stars boast music that is electronic and moody. Not for everyone. They are hitmakers though. Everything they make is like gold. This particular album is very infectious with every song carefully crafted. These people are true innovators. I love playing this record on my turntable at home.


These stunners are similar to Massive Attack. There are darker elements in their music (think melancholy vibes) and they originate from Bristol as well. Definitely good music for a breakup.


Sky, singer of the British super soul group Morcheeba enlightens us with her groovy delivery. Big Calm was one of my favourite albums of the 1990s. Very psychedelic. A lot of colours in their songs.

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